the walking dead season 2 episode 8 “nebraska”

PREVIOUSLY Sophia is playing the longest game of hide and seek ever. Hershel is going to heal the walkers à la Jesus. Dale hates Shane. Shane hates the zombarn. And because Sophia was hiding in the zombarn and wasting everyone’s time, Rick shoots her.

The episode begins exactly where it left off in November, that being outside the zombarn with Rick’s gun still smoking from just putting a bullet into Sophia’s head. So just like the Springsteen album by the same name, this episode is starting off to be pretty fucking bleak.

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the walking dead “pretty much dead already”

We open to a picturesque morning on Zombiebrook Farms and find our band of survivors eating breakfast around their campfire. Carol, as usual, seems to be doing all the work, as she is cooking and dishing up plates for the others. Give this poor woman a break people! And Andrea, perhaps in an attempt to show that she is a BAMF, does not appear to be eating breakfast, and instead she is sharpening a knife on a cheese grater. Or something that looks like a cheese grater. (Side note: Is she a natural blonde? Because her roots don’t seem to need touching up. And I think that they would by now) Shane is being glare-y in the corner, while Lori and Rick get all sensitive and loving for a few seconds. Glenn, still unsure about whether to tell the others about the barn o’ zombies, takes a break from staring blankly in one direction and glances toward the house. Maggie is standing on the porch, basically wagging her finger at him (Really just shakes her head. Also, for how long has she just been standing there watching them? She looks cold). Shaken by being told off by his squeeze, he then turns to see Dale giving him the exact opposite signal from a few yards away. So what’s an incapable-of-keeping-a-secret-but-love-struck boy to do? Well…he’s gonna tell everybody, which is probably a good move since they are sleeping in tents with children and pregnant ladies (well, one of each) while a gaggle (or perhaps a murder) of bloodthirsty zombies is staggering around relatively close by.

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