doomtree “bangarang”

Doomtree has been one of my favorite groups for a couple of years. I’ve been to several of their shows, and they never fail to bring it. I also met a two of them outside Chicago gem Hot Doug’s the day after a show. They were really nice, and, of course, stood in the hour-long line in the March cold just like the rest of us.

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most anticipated hip hop albums of 2012

Last year was no doubt a great year for hip hop. And, if all of the following albums were to be released this year–which they most certainly won’t be–2012 would be a an even better one.

Fingers crossed. In vain.

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mac miller: blue slide park

Slide’s still blue / why the world keep tryin’ to paint it?

Not long after the hazy sounds of children laughing and playing fills your speakers, Mac’s similarly-hazy voice comes on, broadcasting the message that a person shouldn’t let his external circumstances change his character. It is the most recurrent theme on Blue Slide Park, the idea that Mac is still Mac, despite his new-found money and fame. And while some tracks dip into far less sentimental subjects, Mac’s desire to still be that kid hanging out at Blue Slide Park keeps popping up again and again.

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